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About BSO Insurance


BSO started to issue Insurance policies since 1992. The experience we gained over the years brought us to a higher level of understanding the needs of our clients and the type of security we should offer them.

Today when we offer you healthcare, accidental, life insurance or retirement plans, we are confident that this product is to your best interest.  In addition, we have compatible plan rates for small to large size companies, which includes group clienteles. 

BSO Insurance Services

Life Insurance

In essence, no one can hold death when it knocks our doors, but when you have life insurance, it helps ease financial burden to your family members.

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Car Insurance

Never take the risk when driving. Car accidents have the highest risk factor. Protect yourself and your loved ones and secure a reliable insurance with BSO.

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Home Insurance

Protect all your belongings due to possible fire or any other accidental. The basic fire insurance has a wide range of coverage which can be handy when needed.

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Health Insurance

Nowadays hospital bills are unbearable and can break people down. Why take the risk when you can live the peace of mind in protecting yourself and your family with a health insurance that best suits your budget?

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Personal Accident Insurance

This is an annual policy base that provides compensation due to work injury, disability or death caused by an accident.  

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Travel Insurance

When traveling, whether for business or pleasure, travel insurance covers you abroad if you were faced with unexpected health issues or any type of accidental.

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Professional Liability Insurance

Whether you are an engineer, a physician, a financial consultant, a lawyer or practice any other career, you will always need protection against potential negligence claims. 

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Workmen Compensation

This type of policy protects employees under state laws and provides medical care, disability and death compensation.

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This type of insurance is designated to cover those who are faced with financial or other losses incurred by expatriates and foreign workers living and working abroad.

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